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Deep Tissue Massage

Effective therapy results from muscular & joint pain, tension, physical stress or poor posture.

If you are stressed and feeling tense then your muscles will tighten up. This can lead to trigger points of knotted discomfort or tight bands forming within the deep muscles. Over worked muscles, whiplash, soft tissue injuries and people with poor posture would benefit from the firmer pressure of a Curative Therapy deep tissue massage. Curative Therapy deep tissue massage uses specific techniques which palpitate the superficial and deep muscles helping to release the tight trigger-points and alleviating muscles and joints to loosen and soften.

Deep tissue massage may cause a little discomfort as the stress and tension is dispersed. However you will not be bruised following a Curative Therapy deep tissue massage session, but you will feel a greater range of movement and experience freedom from pain as you are slowly released.

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