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Seated Chair Massage

A seated chair massage is ideal for the work place, because it is done fully clothed in a specifically designed chair.

A seated chair massage is ideal for the work place, because it is done fully clothed in a specifically designed chair. Each treatment accommodates the individual needs of the client. Our work place massage technique includes acu-pressure which work areas of tension in the shoulders, back and arms, neck and body.

Seated Massage is a new and effective treatment available by Curative Therapy.

All our practitioner’s have Seated Acupressure Massage Diploma’s.

Your experienced qualified Consultant is insured and works to the highest standards of care and professionalism as expected by any member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Did you know back pain and stress are currently the most common reasons reported for sickness absence in the UK?

Is your organization aware of just how expensive it is for employees to be under performing or be unnecessarily absent? Employee well being initiatives such as Seated Massage can have a positive impact on company performance and profitability.

Contact Curative Therapy today to discuss how your work force can receive this quick and effective treatment to help combat aches and pains that desk workers are especially susceptible to. Help win the battle against Stress and feel the benefits of Seated Massage.

What is a seated massage?

It encompasses Swedish massage, deep tissue techniques and Shiatsu pressure points in a soothing routine of massage, just where you need it. Oils are not necessary in this treatment. Key muscle groups are worked to help relieve the most common areas where stress can build up.

This is very apparent in companies where employees have sedentary jobs and therefore more vulnerable to back ache, stress and Repetitive Strain Injury. Seated Massage can ease stress and encourage a boost to the circulatory system and is an important tool in health maintenance.

This form of massage is in popular demand due to its impressive results and the ease at which the therapist can treat the client through clothing.  It is suitable for a treatment to take place in your own home, or in the work place weather your company is large or small.

You may have seen these treatments at events or in airport waiting lounges. A distinctive forward leaning chair has been ergonomically designed for the specific purpose of Massage. You sit astride the chair as it supports your face chest, arms and seat. This comfortable chair gently stretches the spine, allowing your therapist easy access to provide a Seated Massage in virtually any location.

A specific sequence of massage techniques are carried out on the head, neck, shoulders, spine and lower back also the sequence involves arms and hands being treated through clothing, preferably cotton clothing should be worn if not a sheet or blanket can be used as the medium.

An individual treatment lasts ten to fifteen minutes so it really is accessible to all and can really help employees and boardroom bosses return to work feeling energized and free from aches and pains.

What are the benefits?

A special chair is used on which the client leans forward. This is a naturally comfortable position and useful if the client has mobility issues getting onto a massage table. No clothing is removed for this treatment which makes it less invasive for the client but also means Seated Massage can be provided in your home, in a public area or work place.

Seated Massage helps to revive the flow of energy through the body and encourage feelings of vitality. Due to the techniques involved and the purposeful massage movements which stimulate the blood flow and therefore increase the oxygenated cell delivery to every muscle group and bodily system.

Seated Massage helps to alleviate stress by stimulating the Endocrine System, to help balance hormonal production. Stress is also relieved by soothing the Nervous System and calming nerve endings. Good health is being addressed as taking time out to replenish is what we all need in our busy schedules.

Seated Massage specifically benefits Office Workers who suffer with symptoms of Work Place Fatigue, such as; Tight aching muscles, mental fogginess, Decreased energy and vulnerability of Repetitive Strain Injury or Illness.

Take a positive step in reducing stress and make your work place a happy and more productive place, read on as to the benefits of block booking.

Benefits to employers and employees are;

1] Employees perform better and hold a positive attitude about being at work.
2] Employees are healthier so have fewer absences
3] The risk of Stress, R.S.I. and general aches and pains reduced.
4] The two largest forms of absenteeism, Back Ache and Stress are both addressed.

Seated massage is generally a safe treatment but to prevent any condition worsening a brief medical history will be sought to better inform your therapist of your current state of health and to be sure it is safe to proceed.  Unfortunately if a potential client has a fever, implant, recent accident or operation, is under the influence of drugs or intoxicated, if they have an infectious or contagious disease then no treatment can take place.

Human Resource departments are mostly aware of the benefits Seated Massage can bring to the work force. More companies are investing in regular Seated Massage for their staff because of its effectiveness, convenience of you friendly qualified and experienced therapist visiting as arranged on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis, providing an excellent standard of care at an excellent and affordable price.

Please telephone me for a free consultation or to make a booking, we will be happy to advise you. Please allow extra time for your first consultation.

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